It is with great honor that I share three of my Underwater Images have been selected as part of the Top100 for the National Association of Professional Child Photographers UNITY Photography Competition. I am incredibly thankful to the clients, colleagues, and models who continue their faith in my creative visions.

NAPCP Annual Image Competitions

While NAPCP typically hosts two Photography Competitions each year, the UNITY Photography Competition has taken a different approach from the INSPIRED Print and Gallery Competition of last year.

Initial entries for UNITY were open to both members and non members from around the world. For this competition, the final results will be determined via a public voting process. This gives YOU a say in the final outcome!

The Deepest Depth

NAPCP UNITY Top 100 Photography Competition Underwater Wedding Couple
The Deepest Depth


Unity. The state of being united or joined as a whole.

While the challenge of this particular competition was to choose images that expand on such a such a simple word. Entrants were also challenged to show the many simple ways the world around us unifies and share through visual images.

But what does unity mean to you? What connection comes to your mind’s eye when you hear the word? Motherhood, friendship, relationship, social justice, or love?

Expectations of Wonder

NAPCP UNITY Top 100 Photography Competition Underwater Maternity
Expectations of Wonder.
Do you remember this stunning Mama as the one who braved the cold in February for an Underwater Maternity Session in the stunning Emerald Green Gown? Oh the naivety of thinking that session was just a little extra fun pre season!

Top 100 UNITY Photography Competition

The images featured in the Top 100 gallery are a powerful collection of extraordinary images.  Yet it is quite clear that UNITY entrants have worked to define and interpret what unity means to each of us as artists.

It is an incredible honor to have two Underwater Maternity and one Underwater Couple Image, included in this prestigious group.


NAPCP UNITY Top 100 Photography Competition Underwater Maternity
The rules of the UNITY Photography Competition discouraged entrants from using multiple images from the same session. But I honestly could have entered at least five separate images from Ciara’s Underwater Maternity Session. She was absolutely amazing in the water. Another of her images was featured on the cover of the NAPCP Inspired Magazine in April of this year.

just VOTE

The first round of the competition was completed based on the Professional Standards of NAPCP. But the second round is up to YOU!

I would encourage you to browse through all 100 of the spectacular images featured and choose the ONE image that speaks UNITY to YOU.

While I would, of course, be honored if you choose to vote for one of my featured images. The theme of this year for me is “just VOTE!”.

Today through Friday, September 4th, 2020. Please follow this link to vote for just ONE IMAGE!

NAPCP UNITY Top 100 Photography Competition Underwater

So, no matter what image you choose.

Thank you for supporting NAPCP. Thank you for supporting our Industry. And thank you for VOTING!

Renee Stengel Photography | Charlotte Underwater Photographer
NAPCP Inspired Top 100 Photography Competition Underwater
Three Underwater Images included in the NAPC INSPIRED TOP 100 Featured Artists for the Print and Gallery Competition in Atlanta last year.



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