Seeking Unique Maternity Photos?

What are you looking for when you seek out a Portrait Artist? Many of my Charlotte Underwater Maternity Clients tell me that they sought me out because they were looking for truly Unique Maternity Photos!

Unique Underwater Maternity Portrait in Red Tulle Couture Gown

To be honest. I have pursued Underwater Photography precisely for that reason.

I love being able to create Maternity Portraits and Photographic Artwork that stands out from the crowd. In a world that is saturated with imagery, being able to create truly unique portraits truly thrills my creative spirit!

Not just Unique, Beautiful and Special

Underwater Maternity Portraits make make my Mamas feel uniquely special and beautiful.

Underwater Maternity Portraits with non swimmer using Golden Yellow Chiffon in a deep blue pool

It is rather difficult to see photos on the back of the camera when it is locked down in Underwater Housing. I usually try to let each Mom take a peek at least once. We hover over near the rock edge in the shadows away from the sunlight and I enlarge the photo on the back of my DSLR.

Many of my Mamas start crying! I tell them to knock it off. I can’t be crying too and then trying to go underwater all blurry eyed ;)!

They get emotional because amidst all of the aches and pains of pregnancy, many women can forget just how beautiful and incredibly spectacular their bodies truly are.

And when they see these portraits. Even though it is through a layer of plastic on the back of a camera. And they are viewing an unedited underwater image. They are reminded of the Queens that they are!

Underwater Maternity in Dramatic Sew Whimsey Red Celine Couture Tulle and Lace Gown

A Little Maternity Round Up

As we close one season and prepare for the next, I want to gather some of my favorite Underwater Maternity Photos to share with you.

These are from several sessions. From a mama pregnant with her third baby, the families first baby boy. A young mother preparing for her first baby, who braved the cold at the end of October because she desperately wanted her pregnancy documented with Unique Underwater Photos. A Mama who was finally able to welcome her Rainbow Baby after many years of waiting. And so many more….

The Stories…

I love hearing and sharing stories with these women. As a Mom of three, my last born just before I turned 40, I can see myself in so many of their stories.

I love that I get to know them so well. We meet beforehand for a consultation, where they choose their dresses from my Studio Closet. Our sessions last 2-3 hours, so we get to spend most of the morning together playing in the water and sunshine!

Non Swimming Mama takes Underwater Maternity photos with twinkling bokeh dots in Flowing Pink Chiffon

See you for your Unique Maternity Photos soon!

I can’t wait to meet you and hear your story. To capture Unique and Incredibly beautiful Underwater Photos for you. Portraits that will become the centerpiece of conversation among your friends, family, and in your home. But, more importantly, Maternity Portraits that capture this once in a lifetime experience. Because believe me. As a mom of three – every pregnancy is most definitely once in a lifetime!!

RENEE STENGEL Photography | Charlotte Underwater and Portrait Photographer |
Underwater Maternity Black Goddess in Flowing Pink Chiffon
Mama loved the soft flowy fabrics I keep in the Studio Closet. The combination of this pink Maternity Gown with Pink Chiffon Fabric let her almost get lost among the pinks and blues. I just love how fabric has a mind of its own in the water…
Charlotte Underwater Maternity hot pink swimsuit and tropical light blue pool
Unique Underwater Maternity Portrait in Red Tulle Couture Gown
RENEE STENGEL Photography | Charlotte Portrait and Underwater Photographer | Underwater Maternity Pink Polka Dot Bikini
Maternity Photography with Siblings in Charlotte with two Sisters wrapped around their Mama's Growing Belly for a Sibling Photo
Mom looked amazing in this Red Tulle Couture Gown. Her dream photo was to have baby boy’s two Sisters wrapped around their Mama’s Growing Belly for a Sibling Photo of all three of Mama’s babies
Unique Underwater Maternity Photo in Deep Water
Pregnant Black Girl Sinking Underwater in Deep Dark Blue Water in Cobalt Blue Bikini for Underwater Maternity Photography
Unique Underwater Maternity Photo in Tropical Blues
I love how we can capture such different colors in the various areas of my pool. This tropical Blue shot was taken with me in the deep end and Mama facing the shallow end.
Pregnant Black Girl Posing Underwater in Deep Dark Blue Water in Cobalt Blue Bikini
Unique Underwater Maternity Portrait in Pink Tulle Couture Gown
Underwater Maternity Portrait in Red Tulle Couture Gown
I was honored to have this Underwater Maternity Photo Session featured on WCNC TV’s Wake Up CLT this season.
Black Mama who Can’t Swim took Amazing Underwater Maternity Photos in Flowing Pink Chiffon
Pregnant Black Girl Swimming Underwater in Deep Dark Blue Water in Cobalt Blue Bikini
Underwater Maternity in Dramatic Sew Whimsey Tulle and Lace Red Gown with Pearl Hairpins and Gold Crown on braided black hair
Her hair was too amazing with these Pearl Hairpins, Gold Crown, and Braids. Of course I had to capture it from behind!
NAPCP Top 100 INSPIRED Featured Artist Renee Stengel Photography Charlotte Underwater Photographer
It was an honor to have this Underwater Maternity Image chosen as one of the Top 100 by the NAPCP for their Featured Artist Gallery Show in Atlanta.
Underwater Maternity Belly with Bubbles Tropical Blue
My Underwater Maternity Photo Round Up from last season is here. I hope to continue to do this every year!


  1. I’m so excited to see what beautiful mamas-to-be you have at your pool this next season and the magic you make together!

  2. These images are absolutely stunning and are truly works of art! You are so talented and all of the mamas are so beautiful! I love your use of color and how ethereal these images feel. Can’t wait to see the magic you produce this coming summer!

    • Renee Stengel says:

      Thank you Sharetha!! I am excited to add even more color this season – I have added dresses in Gold, Emerald Green, and a deep Purple to my Studio Closet. I can’t wait to get those in the water this spring!!