Charlotte Roller Derby

A member of our very own local Charlotte Roller Girls decided to skate through my pool last summer ~ and it was pretty awesome….

This was one of the first Styled Underwater Sessions I did last year and oh wow did we have fun!  Ka$h Honey (because, didn’t you know?  All Roller Derby Girls have their own unique Sk8ter name!) was amazing to work with.  So creative and willing to have fun and try new things.

Have you been to a Roller Derby Bout?  I had not before we moved to Charlotte – and now we are obsessed!  They are so much fun!!  Charlotte Agenda did a great job with this article “5 Things To Know about Charlotte Roller Derby”  I think their definition of the lingo – words like Bout, Jammer and Pack – is especially helpful.  And Charlotte 5 is on point in their article about the “7 Reasons Charlotte Roller Girls are the Craziest Athletes in Town“!

Roller Derby is such a different type of sport.  Owned and run by the team itself.  Rough. Crazy.  But so welcoming and family friendly!

Fiercely Competitive. Family Focused.

The About section from the CLTRD website describes the team like this:  Charlotte Roller Derby (CLTRD) is a skater-owned and operated sports organization comprised of women and men from all walks of life. Formed to promote the sport of roller derby and enrich the Charlotte community, the league and its members donate time and a portion of bout proceeds to local charitable causes.

I have met several women from this team.  And from everything I have seen, this is a perfect description.  Fierce?  Oh yes.  Competitive.  H*&!! Yes! But also some of the kindest, most giving women I have met.  And the way they join together to give back to the community – and to each other – is absolutely inspiring!

7 on the 7th

That is why I thought these were the perfect photos to share this month for 7 on 7.  For those of you who missed last month’s, I have joined a group of photographers who post 7 photos on the 7th of each month.  We each link to the next photographer, forming a Blog Circle.  I hope you will join me in traveling through the circle and exploring some amazing work from all around the country ~ and sometimes from around the world!  I am so excited to share my friend Kris with you and her amazing adventures to Antartica!

Underwater Style

Oh I am getting anxious to get in the water this spring.  And as much I am looking forward to capturing kids and families in a natural documentary style ~ something I absolutely love ~ my creative spirit is like a race horse being held behind the gate.  I cannot wait to start working on some styled Underwater Sessions.

What do you want to see us create?  What do you want to create with me…. Because as far as I am concerned?  Our own imaginations are our only limits my friend!

RENEE STENGEL Photography | Charlotte Underwater and Portrait Photographer |

PS Their next Bout at the Grady Cole Center is on March 30th!


Charlotte Underwater Roller Derby Girl

as if these girls didn’t look fierce enough on the track…

Charlotte Underwater Roller Derby Girl

Charlotte Underwater Roller Derby Girl with Dreads and Rainbow Striped Socks

Charlotte Underwater Roller Derby Girl with Dreads and Rainbow Striped Socks

Oh sure! Just go ahead and make Underwater Roller Skating look like it’s the easiest thing in the world Ka$h!

Charlotte Underwater Roller Derby Pinup Girl

Ka$h says “See you at Grady Cole for the March 30th Bout!!”

Renee Stengel Photography Underwater Behind the Scenes with Roller Girl

I can never resist sharing a fun Underwater Behind the Scenes! How adorable is our Charlotte Roller Girl Ka$h Honey in her Pinup Girl Dress!?! This was my original Ewa Marine Housing for my Nikon D700.


  1. Kristina says:

    These are amazing! I just love seeing your underwater photos. You are so talented and I love the fun energy of these Derby Girls!

    • Renee Stengel says:

      Thank you my friend!! Itching to get back into the water for sure!! Feeling like I need to wash the rust off and get moving!!

  2. Kris says:

    I’m a huge derby fan! I drag my friends to bouts and get them hooked. These are fabulous shots! And I love the name Ka$h Honey. Alas, I’m still seeking my perfect derby name. 🙂

    • Renee Stengel says:

      Isn’t it a fun name?!? My boys love when she hits her hand to her palm like she is passing out cash – and the crowd goes wild for her!!

  3. Cristy Cross says:

    Seriously!! This is the coolest shoot. I love love love it. I want to be you!

    • Renee Stengel says:

      Thank you my friend!!! I am working hard to win that contest on your IG so I can get you to come out here 😉 Because you know I will have you in the water for a shoot too!!!

  4. Janice says:

    WOW!!! These are amazing. I think I love the one with the pin-up girl dress the best.
    What talent! I can’t even imagine what goes into producing images like these. Can’t wait to see more!

    • Renee Stengel says:

      Isn’t that fun!?! Her hubby had bought that dress for her when they were dating. It was just the cutest!!

  5. Jen Vazquez says:

    This is the coolest thing EVER!! Love it so much!!

    • Renee Stengel says:

      Thank you my friend!!! I am SUCH a Derby fan now! Something I never knew anything about before arriving in Charlotte!

  6. What?!!! These are so awesome, so fearless!

    • Renee Stengel says:

      Thank you Tara! She is incredible – on and off the track – but this was a pretty amazing session to shoot!