Our Underwater Photography Session is only one step in the process. And while it is an incredible experience, I don’t consider it complete until you have beautiful Underwater Art in your home and on your walls from our session together. And I will be with you each step of the way.

Underwater Maternity in Gold

Curated Boutique Products for your Underwater Art

I want to make sure I am always providing my Charlotte clients with the highest quality products out there.  The products that you can’t find as a consumer, but that are only available to professional photographers.

I have spent a great deal of time exploring photography products from over a dozen professional labs, located on three continents and in at least five countries around the world, in an effort to find the perfect Wall Art and Fine Art Albums for my clients.

While many Photography products are stunning, not all of them are a perfect match for Underwater Art. I believe that the Collection of stunning albums and wall art that I have curated will allow me to work with you to put the perfect Underwater Art into your home.

These include the Signature Acrylic Cover Albums. Metal, Acrylic, and Gallery Wrapped Canvas. Lustre and Metallic Prints, Torn Edge Fine Art Prints, and Print Framing.

Underwater Photography Wall Art Options
Ever wondered what a 30×40″ Metal Print would like on your Dining Room Walls? Or how a group of 20×20″ Acrylic Prints would look together above your desk? That is what I am here for! To help you Underwater Photography Wall Art Options

Personalized Design Software

When possible, I have my clients take simple photos of their wall spaces and text them to me. With these photos, I am able to use my design software to help you envision the possibilities we will create with the Underwater Artwork from your session.

custom design their wall art displays with the use of simple cell phone photos of your wall space
What do you want to hang on YOUR walls?

Custom Designed Albums

I take great pride in my album designs. Yes, I use design software to assist me in the process. But I am also known for taking the time to scour every page and detail, use custom formats that I create, and for creating true pieces of art.

Signature Acrylic Album handcrafted in Europe
The Renee Stengel Photography Signature Acrylic Album is truly a Showpiece. I discovered this gorgeous piece while visiting a Photography Trade Show in Atlanta. These albums are custom designed in-Studio and handcrafted in Europe. And every single one is absolutely stunning.
Underwater Ballet Signature Acrylic Album from Europe with matching leather Album Box
Signature Acrylic Album with matching parent album and leather Album Box
Underwater Maternity Custom Underwater Art Album Design Spread by Charlotte Underwater Photographer Renee Stengel Photography
Pink Underwater Maternity Custom Underwater Art Album Design Spread by Charlotte Underwater Photographer Renee Stengel Photography
Red Underwater Maternity Custom Underwater Art Album Design Spread by Charlotte Underwater Photographer Renee Stengel Photography
Sample Custom Designed Album Spreads

And more…

I never want to have a menu of items so long you feel like you are at the that famous restuarant with the amazing Cheesecake. You know the one. With the menu that takes longer to read than it will take you to eat your meal 😉

But I will always provide a selection of beautiful products for my clients. And if there is something a client is looking for that I do not currently offer, I will work hard to find it. You can rest assured that if there is a quality vendor offering that style of product, I will track it down for you. I have done it before and I am always happy to do it again. Only the best for Team RSP!

beautiful Folio Box from Graphi Studios, Italy
A folio box is a beautiful way to keep a collection of images and be able to rotate a favorite onto an easel.
Underwater Art for your Home can be displayed in many beautiful ways.
How would you like to display your Underwater Art in YOUR home?
Underwater Photography Wall Art Framing Options


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