Charlotte Family and Underwater PhotographerSo those of you who know me know that technology and I do not always get along.  (And that *might* be a giant understatement 😉

But I love photography.  I love working with little people.  And I love creating beautiful portraits.  So how do I connect with the clients who also want me to create those portraits for them?  The clients who truly want beautiful art on their walls?  I have to embrace the technology.

Without engaging on Social Media (which is actually becoming pretty fun) and learning to understand the big scary world of Google, SEO, BackLinks, YOAST (no, its not a breakfast food, I checked!), and SERPS (again, not something fun to drink – checked again! ;), the clients who want my artwork on their walls just won’t be able to find me.  So I have been digging in!!

One of the people who has really helped me with this is Shree with Aurora Social.  I discovered her via her Insta page (see, social media!) First, she is adorable.  Second, she lives in Charleston, just a few hours away from me here in Charlotte.  But most importantly, she loves all of this stuff and is amazing at it.  I have been reading her blog religiously and learning SO much!!

I had hoped to meet up with her on my amazing trip to Charleston a few weeks ago for the Creative Artist Workshop, but it turned out she was on an even more amazing trip to the Caribbean at the time (and getting photographed by Abby Murphy ~ so jealous!)  Oh well, sounds like a perfect excuse for another trip to Charleston, right!?!  So I will be heading back down this summer to meet with her in person to give me a chance to really make some progress.  But in the mean time, I wanted to share a specific post Shree wrote on back linking.  For all of my other small business friends out there trying to make their way through the same maze of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that I am, I found this article very helpful.  It introduced me to some terms that I wasn’t even aware of ~ helped me figure out that YOAST isn’t the same as TOAST ~ and gave me some great new goals for this summer!

And PS ~ I think all of this work is paying off!  If you search “Charlotte Family Photographer” on google, I am now on page 2 – up from page who knows where when I moved here from Kansas City 😉  The goal is page one of course (which is where I am for “Charlotte Underwater Photographer”!), but the progress feels great.  Thank you everyone for all of your support ~ I couldn’t do this without all of my amazing clients and friends!!

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