Oh my sweet Jacob… The most amazing gift we never knew we needed.

Welcomed with Love August 26th, 2015.

Our tiniest peanut yet at just over 6 pounds.


I was blessed to have a photographer come in and do a Fresh 48 session for us (where I was included in the photos 😉  But it also brought me so much joy to do one for my own family.  While some of the photos were shot from my bed and the angles and lighting may not have been exactly “perfect”, capturing my whole family, all four of my boys, together for the first time, was worth any and all technical imperfections!  But oh how much fun I had on our second day, pulling out my big camera and soaking up the light with that tiny new baby.  Just he and I and my love of capturing the light and the details and every little perfect thing about him.

I love posed newborn studio sessions, but there is something oh so special about capturing these tiny newborns (whether they are 5 pounds or 12!) in their first few days… So new, so fresh, so perfect…

For those of you expecting new little ones, I hope to meet your tiny one in his or her birthplace so very soon.  Our sweet Jacob is now 2 1/2, but I realized I had never shared these images.  They are so precious to me!  I wanted to share them those who wander what a Fresh 48 experience might be like…

Renee Stengel Photography signature by On The Spot Design


Adorable Knot Hats and blankets from the oh so talented House of Mia.




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