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A few weeks ago my husband asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day.  My answer? Pictures.  I got a blank stare in return… Um, pictures?  Now, my sweet husband was at a loss for a moment – he doesn’t actually know where I keep the cameras (or how to turn one on if he […]

Mother’s Day | My Stinkers



I keep calling friends and saying I have big news – and I keep getting big shrieks of joy, to which I have to quickly reply “no, no, we are not having another baby!”.  “Oh,” goes the response, “well, then what?” The “what” is that we are moving…to Kansas!  My husband has accepted a wonderful […]

Bittersweet News…


I met this big boy (10 pounds 3 oz!) a couple weeks ago and what a cutie he was.  He was so alert and had such beautiful expressions!!  Turns out he wasn’t feeling so well and that may have been why he just didn’t want to sleep for us (poor little guy!) BUT, he was […]

Welcome Baby Hunter!


What a great way to start the new year – my family and I had a wonderful vacation (it is hard not to have fun when you are on a Disney cruise!  Especially since I got a couple extra days with my hubby in sunny Miami 😉  And we came home to find two of […]

New beginnings…First baby of 2013!


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