My son’s whole first grade class earned a special treat for good behavior and their awesome teachers gave them a Snow Day – AT School!

1st Grade Snow Day FUN
My oldest on the far left with some of his friends – so much fun!

The kids all brought their snow gear from home and got to have an hour to play in the snow with their friends at school. It was fantastic!

Of course I had to sneak over to take a few photos – so fun!!  And when I pulled up the two first grade teachers were being bombarded by snow rocks ~ and having just as much fun as any one of those six and seven year olds!

Renee Stengel Photography 1st Grade Snow Day 2014 Leawood Kansas

The School Snow Day was not just for the Kids!

Someone had brought a couple of sleds and the kids were having a great time with those too – and the next thing I knew, here came the teachers down the hill!  I missed getting a photo of Ms. G.  But I loved getting a photo of Mrs. H, my son’s home room teacher, as she came down the hill, laughing and having a wonderful time.  

Teacher Sledding at 1st Grade Snow Day
When the teacher has as much fun as the kids…. GOLD!

How fantastic is my son’s teacher!?!  Sledding down the hill with these little people!! She is amazing – I love watching her have so much fun with them.  We feel so blessed to have found such a wonderful community for our boys….

What an Amazing Treat

And then there were the kiddos – oh my goodness was this a treat!  These kids had a blast.  

They worked hard to earn their reward ~ but wow, I don’t think they could have imagined a better one!

1st Grade Snow Day
The whole Gang for the 1st Grade Snow Day!

Embracing the Cold and Joy that Comes with it…

And of course, it was a huge treat to me to get to run around with all of my son’s classmates and take such fun snow pictures!  

This is the first year I have gotten over my dislike of being cold and really gotten out and to take a lot of photos in the winter ~ and I have to say, I am hooked!  

All the bright colors, rosy cheeks and fun spirits are truly addicting!  I hope you enjoy!

1st Grade Snow Day
I love all of the bold colors, laughter, and Snow Fun that was had!
Renee Stengel Photography | Charlotte Underwater Photographer
Hudson Loverro 1st Grade Snow Day
Our friend, Hudson Loverro (Top, in Blue Hat), just before moving to NYC for his big start on Broadway.


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Renee Stengel Photography 1st Grade Snow Day 2014 Leawood Kansas
Renee Stengel Photography 1st Grade Snow Day 2014 Leawood Kansas
Renee Stengel Photography 1st Grade Snow Day 2014 Leawood Kansas


  1. Bernice says:

    Wonderful pictures!!! Love seeing Benjamin with his friends!!