I have been on a blue streak.  No, not down in the dumps, an all boy all the time blue streak!  In the last three months I have photographed newborn boys, first birthday cake smash boys, baby boys – even my own two boys for their spring session – but the only females to enter my studio recently have been older siblings and Mamas!

So I have to say, I was quite excited about the idea of an oh so girly pink (and more pink!) first birthday party for beautiful little Miss A!  And let me tell you, this party did not disappoint.

This was the first birthday party I had photographed, so I wasn’t quite sure what I was in for, but wow did this family make it easy!  No detail was left undone for this affair.  Everything – from the cocktails to Dad’s shirt – was pink, and it was beautiful.  The cake table was stunning, so many little details had been planned for – and it showed.  And the guests – well, you couldn’t have asked for a cuter crowd 🙂  So many happy little ones running around having a good time.  It was a lovely day and I don’t think there was a guest there who didn’t have a fantastic afternoon.

And then there was cake…As parents we all anticipate the cake smash for the first birthday.  We plan for it, we look forward to it (we may even hire a photographer to capture that special moment!).  But the truth is, some kids just don’t like cake.  Well, no worries for this little one – she was ready to dig in.  And even better, she was ready to share!

Happy 1st Birthday sweetheart, thank you for letting me share a bit of your special day with you.

This sweets table was just beautiful!  Mom did such an amazing job putting all the details together.  Fluffy Thoughts Cakes in McLean provided this gorgeous smash cake and Freshly Baked made the super yummy cake pops – both were huge hits all around!

Oh the cake smashing fun….

So many darling little ones and beautiful parents – I love seeing the joy that parents show when they are loving on their babies 🙂

One of my favorite things in the world to capture are those candid moments, those special glimpses of the love between a parent and child, caught when neither knows the camera is there…



  1. Kim Josephson says:

    Amazing photos. The day looks like it will full of lots of love, laughter and smiles. Terrific job!!!!

  2. Sandro says:

    I know this sounds satgnre but one of the things that made it with me when I moved from France to the US was my grandmother’s cake stand like this. You may laredy know this but we use them for petits fours and other small bites. We call them “chevalier” which means “knight” because their duty is just like that of knights in the Middle Ages: to serve.In France it used to be one of the “mandatory” items on a bride’s wedding registry.These are gorgeous!

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