What a great way to start the new year – my family and I had a wonderful vacation (it is hard not to have fun when you are on a Disney cruise! ¬†Especially since I got a couple extra days with my hubby in sunny Miami ūüėČ ¬†And we came home to find two of my babies had been born while I was away. ¬†Yay for me!

And this little red head was such a sweetie – I loved capturing his sweet smiles! ¬†He was wide awake when he arrived, but oh so content. ¬†And Big Sister was so very proud of her new baby. ¬†She couldn’t stop giving him kisses and loves! ¬†I started photographing this family for Big Sister’s Happy First Birthday and it has been such a joy to watch little Miss A grow over the past year – and now to help her introduce her baby brother to the world! ¬†Photographing siblings under two with a new baby are often some of the *more challenging* shots to get – but at the same time they are some of the most important to Mamas and Daddies. ¬†I was so happy we were able to capture a few of these tender moments with brother and sister together…

Thank you for coming to meet me sweet Baby R, I can’t wait to watch you grow!


Thank you Pooks and Lulu¬†for the adorable ‘Big Frank’, Zoe and Oliver for the beautiful small blue blanket (her colors! Wow, just love them!!) and to¬†WOODSY WONDERS¬†for the beautiful hand made barn wood crate – there is no matching your work Anne!

PS I would love to hear your feedback! ¬†If 15 of Baby R‚Äôs friends and family make comments on this blog post and 15 become new fans on the studio¬†FACEBOOK PAGE¬†(the same person can do both if they would like ‚Äď just leave a comment on the FB page that you are a new fan!)¬†I will gift Mom and Dad an extra 8×10 print as a thank you gift.

Thanks for visiting my blog…


  1. Lynn says:

    Love this post! That hat in the first pictures is amazing. Great images!!

  2. Sarah Schwartz says:

    Those big sister shots are so dear!