Oh Nantucket!  It truly holds a special place in my heart (and soul!). We have some dear friends who own a home there, and we have been blessed to visit three summers over the last 5 years.  I am a beach lover for sure, but Nantucket, it is something so very special. From the beautiful open beaches to the darling little town… We stay on one of the outer areas, near Miacomet Pond.  We see people around, yes, but they are few and far between!

This summer we visited for a week in July and I was able to walk alone on the beach or the dune paths every day ~ the air on that Island is magical.  I have terrible allergies and asthma, but from the minute I step off the plane I breathe free and clear.  There is a beautiful yogo studio in a barn above a little farmers market and I was able to walk the couple miles to and from yoga while listening to the ocean and breathing fresh, clean air.  Just glorious!

And oh how my boys love it too!  They each took a swim with me out in the ocean this year!  Not just chasing the waves at their feet, but past the waves, out in the ocean, and swam!  It brought me so much joy ~ and they were so proud they were about to burst!  We don’t turn on the one small tv in the cottage all week.  No tv, no movies, no video games.  And everyone knows that is Mama’s hard rule!  So we just get outside – all day every day.  Amazing!

I really backed away from the camera while we were there too – a bit surprising for me!  But it was a time to put down electronics and just enjoy.  We went on a sailing cruise for a couple hours – and it was the same boat and captain from our trip 2 years before!  So of course I did need to recreate the little photo series of them on the boat 😉  And one of the passengers was so kind to take a photo of us as a family ~ and it is one of our very favorite family photos from the past couple years.

These photos don’t tell all of Nantucket’s story, but hopefully it gives a little glimpse….

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