Oh Alique! My sweet baby girl ~ you are growing up far too quickly!!

I have been photographing this gorgeous girl since she was born ~ and her older brother before that! It is such a joy to walk around their home and see the canvases and framed photographs that I have taken of them over the years filling the walls. And I can’t wait to see these up on my next visit! During my last visit, this little diva wasn’t so thrilled to share the spotlight with her big brother for photos ~ so I promised her I would be back soon to do a session all about her.  And man, did she rock it!!

We had planned something a little different, but as I was driving to their house that morning I spotted this wall and about gave myself whiplash. That wall! It was perfect and I knew it!! My husband laughed as I told the story the next weekend at a dinner party ~ he is quite sure he has never ‘jumped around in his seat’ over a wall while driving down the road. But I guess that is why he is the lawyer and I am the photographer 😉

So I helped Alique rearrange her outfit and we picked something appropriately “super modelish” to go along with this super chic location. And oh how she ate it up!! I loved how she flipped that little collar up and popped out her hip. Teen Vogue – here we come!

Seriously, I love this little girl. And it was so fun to do something a little different ~ and then just stand back and watch her THRIVE!!

Her mama caught some pretty fun behind the scene shots too ~ I usually work solo so I don’t often get those. It was such a treat to have an assistant for the weekend ~ especially when it is one of my very favorite Mom Bosses!

I can’t wait to see what we come up with next time Baby Girl!!


Charlotte Custom Portrait Photography

Someone recently asked about what I wear on Photography Sessions.  Well, that’s easy.  My uniform!  Flip flops, LuLuLemon Studio Pants, a favorite TShirt and Tie Back Headband from Strawberry Revolution and big bold earrings from Nickel and Suede.  I would like to say I am more creative – but it is seriously what I wear to every session ~ outside or in-studio.  I am creature of comfort and habit ~ especially when I am shooting!!

Charlotte Custom Portrait Photography

Anyone else smile from *behind* the camera when you are trying to get others to smile *for* the camera?!?  I always do it!!  The more I am trying to get kids to smile the wider my smile is!  Sometimes I get home from a toddler session and my cheeks hurt from smiling so much!  So silly, but its what I do!


  1. Michelle says:

    Gorgeous Girl!!

  2. John Stengel says:

    Great pictures Renee !!

  3. What a fun “super hero” session and a little behind the scened! Thanks for sharing your shooting wardrobe too. Mine is very similar. 🙂

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