Happy 4th Birthday to my sweet baby boy today!!  I cannot believe he is four years old.  He is truly the sweetest happiest little boy I know and he brings so much joy to our lives.  We are beyond blessed by this little bundle of energy!  He loves Pirates and Soccer, Super Heroes and Firemen, Ninjas and Legos.  He loves to play and read books, to run and do any sport he can find.  And then he is just as happy to help Mama or Grandma cook or have a Saturday Morning Dance Party.  He loves Mama snuggles and tries to convince me to sleep in his bed, but then kicks me out in less than three minutes.  He loves to tease Daddy and refuse to give him hugs and kisses, but then begs to ride in Daddy’s car so he can listen to “awesome music”.  And his brother, he truly loves his big brother so very much.

Our sweet little boy – you are growing so fast, and we could not be more proud of you…








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