What a treat it was to meet this sweet little angel just a couple weeks before Christmas!  I was still unable to take a step without the crutches (but am doing so now!), but wanted to gift this family with photos of their fourth child, so we agreed to keep it simple and give it a try.  And…it worked!  I think it may have been more of a gift to me than to them.  It was so incredibly therapeutic to have the camera back in my hands, to be working with a precious newborn and to be reminded that I can still do this.  We kept it simple and only used one backdrop blanket and I didn’t even attempt many of my favorite poses since I couldn’t safely move around while holding her (baby’s safety was certainly at the Very top of the list!!).  But even with the limitations, I was able to sit in my office chair and roll around to get the different angles and make the necessary adjustments to make it all work.  And let me tell you, I can only hope to be such a pro parent when I have my third (or fourth) child.  Mama and Daddy have this down!! It was great to see how over the top excited they are about their newest addition – yet so incredibly calm about the whole thing.  What a blessing to spend a morning with these three.  Thank you for sharing your Christmas blessing with me.

Loving this new little hat from Sweet Pea Hats – I cannot even describe how soft it is!!

Creamy bronze headband from Sew Whimsey.




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