Now who knew I would ever get excited about Football?!?  I mean like, jump up and down, scream and shout, kind of excited?  Me? Oh, did I mention my little boy was playing his first Championship Game?  Ya, I guess that makes a difference now doesn’t it 😉

And what a fun game it was!  His little team has done so well the last two months. This weekend was the big Flag Football League of Kansas City 1st Grade Championship.  They won their first game 20-16 and their second 12-0 (yes, they keep score in the First Grade – this was new for us!)  He had a wonderful coach who made sure every player got to play and touch the ball every weekend.  And my little six year old ran hard and played hard and had a fantastic experience for his first season of football in Kansas!

I have to say, it was pretty fun to bring my Big Girl camera to the game and shoot a little bit of the action.  I love using prime lenses for my portrait work, so my 24-70mm is usually all the zoom I need, but with two little boys playing sports ~ well, I think I know what is going on MY Christmas list 😉  And I did something new this season to celebrate the Championship.  I grabbed the trophy and posed each of the boys with it for a quick sports portrait ~ it was quick and dirty, but a ton of fun!

So proud of our Champions! Go Knights!







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