The Copywriter Club Underwater?

Why Not?! I am elated to finally be able to share the Copywriter Club Underwater Branding Session I did for for Rob and Kira in June!

Woman in Yellow on Vintage Yellow Phone with Pink Bokeh Bubbles

What a project!!

Rob and Kira traveled in from Seattle and NYC to take a dip in my pool here in Charlotte. I have to say, they did an amazing job with their first Underwater Session!

We had quite the team and quite the pool full of fun ~ from a vintage typewriter to podcast mics and a host of other vintage goodies!!

Woman Underwater in Yellow with Fiestaware Tea Cup in Orange and Teal
The Copywriter Club Podcast and Community Commercial Underwater Branding Session
Thankful for local shops like the Sleepy Poet and all their quirky amazing Vintage Goodies!

So many possibilities

One of the things that keeps me so motivated and fascinated by Underwater Photography is the wide range of possibilities – all within such a tight niche!

Last fall I worked with Kira on a short copywriting project. She was working on Jasmine Star‘s new website and, as a mentee of Jasmine’s, I had been asked to provide a little insight and feedback on her Social Curator program.

As Kira and I chatted, she was intrigued by my work as an Underwater Photographer. At the end of our call, she mentioned she might have a future project for me.

What would you think of sinking a vintage typewriter in your pool?

Fast forward through the winter, and we connected in the spring when she called and asked “what would you think of sinking a vintage typewriter in your pool”

Those of you who have been around for long at all know my answer to this one! If you who call and ask to me come up with some new crazy plan of sinking something in my pool that I haven’t done before. Well, my first thought is usually, “I think you are my kind of people!!”

{This Pineapple might not be the craziest thing I have ever dropped in the pool ~ but it’s still one of my favorites ;}

Let’s Create some Magic!

And so Rob and Kira flew out in June and we created a little underwater magic! As Co-Founders of The Copywriter Club, these two lead an amazing Community of Copywriters. They have an awesome Podcast and launched a fantastic new program in the fall, The Accelerator.

So. New program? New photos of course! And what better place to do them than at the Bottom of my Pool!!

The Copywriter Club Commercial Underwater Branding Session Join the Accelerator
Join the Accelerator!

Did you sink the Typewriter?

Of course we did! But you didn’t think I would stop there did you?!?

Vintage Royal 1930's Typewriter Underwater at Bottom of Pool
Oh Yes. I sunk a 1930’s Vintage Royal Typewriter in my Swimming Pool!

Let’s just say we put “a few” things in the pool that day!!

Underwater Fine Art Photo of Teal Table with Vintage Yellow Phone

“We are quirky, and we don’t try to hide it!”

One of the things I appreciated most about working with Rob and Kira is how much they embrace *who they are*.

From our first consultation to discuss their vision for this session, Kira made it clear to me. “We are quirky, and we don’t try to hide it!” I love that! So often in this world of social media and instant access, we see such curated messages and imagery. But getting to know the person, or people, behind a brand is what makes me want to invest in that brand.

Rob Marsh, CoFounder of The Copywriter Club with Books and Vintage Yellow Phone Underwater
Read any good books lately? Rob Marsh, CoFounder of The Copywriter Club, showing off his Intellectually Witty Side…
Copywriter Club's Kira Hug playing a teal Violin Underwater in Yellow Tulle dress from RCB Fashion
Kira Hug, CoFounder of The Copywriter Club
putting her newly acquired Violin skills to the test – Underwater!

Honest Messaging

It is something I try to do with my own small business, and something I work to do with my clients. Yes, a typewriter at the bottom of the pool is certainly curated!! But even though my art and my work is carefully planned out, the messages I am trying to convey are true and honest.

I work hard to find colors, themes, and styles that match my clients and work *with* them, not create something new. I can use the same dress and same set and create a very different set of images for the same client, because I work to get to know my client and create imagery that matches their personalities and needs.

It made my heart happy to know that while Kira and Rob had a very specific use for these images in their business, to launch their Accelerator Program, they were true to themselves in that branding and allowed me to be true to their personalities in creating them.

Breakfast at Tiffany's Style Underwater Fashion Images of Woman Drinking Tea Underwater in Yellow Tulle
I loved how this Yellow Tulle skirt from RCB Fashion photographed in the pool!

That leaves us with just one last question…

Who is calling next – and what will we SINK!?!

RENEE STENGEL Photography | Charlotte Underwater and Portrait Photographer |
The Copywriter Club Podcast Underwater Branding Session Write Like Oglivy Drink Like Hemingway
Write like Ogilvy and Drink like Hemingway
The Copywriter Club Podcast
Woman swimming underwater in Yellow | Blue, Teal, Purple and Yellow
The Copywriter Club Underwater Branding Imagery
The Copywriter Club Podcast Underwater Branding Session
The Copywriter Club Podcast Underwater Branding Session
The Copywriter Club Podcast Underwater Branding Session


  1. These cane out so great! I hope more businesses think outside the box when it comes to branding photos and hire you!

    • Renee Stengel says:

      Thanks my friend! It really is an amazing way to stand out as a business and make a *splash* for a brand!!