Why be like everyone else when you can make a SPLASH!

Underwater Senior Jumping In in a Striped Navy JCrew Swimsuit surrounded by lots of bubbles in a deep blue pool

Senior photos have changed a bit since my own high school days. I love that these kids have the chance to truly express themselves in such unique ways. This is an incredible transition point in their journey from childhood to adulthood and I am honored to be a part of it.

Underwater Senior in Pink Tulle and Striped Navy JCrew Swimsuit Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany's Style in Leopard Print Sunglasses

Long Gone

Long gone are the days of three paper backdrops inside a tiny studio. Oh, and don’t forget hiding behind the tree in the photographers yard. You know. The one that every other senior in town peeked around for their photos! Anyone else go to High School in a small town in the 90’s like me?!?

Underwater HS Senior in Pink Tulle and JCrew Navy Striped Suit Swimming in wide open deep blue pool with beautiful pink reflection

Personality Expression

I love that Bayleigh chose to do her Senior Photos Underwater. Such a gorgeous expression of her love of the water and fashion. And what a breathtakingly beautiful way to express her own unique personality as she enters her Senior Year of High School.

And as a bonus, she was on WBTV when Caroline Hicks interviewed me for a Morning News story on my Underwater Photography, how I got started, and how I work with clients!

Big Statement to Represent Big Goals!

This young woman has some incredible goals and it was an honor to work with her and hear about her STEM field dreams! So we definitely needed to create a session worthy of her incredible talent as she enters her final year of High School!

Underwater Senior in Pink Tulle

Have you considered?

Have you considered Underwater Senior or Fashion Photography? I recently had a client in for a pre-session consultation. At one point she just looked at her mom with amazement. “I never knew regular people could do sessions like this! I thought they were only for Hollywood Models!”

It gave me so much joy to walk her through the process of what our session would like like, plan out her outfits and goals, and to see the glow on her face as she realized that this really was going to happen!

Underwater Senior in Pink Tulle Breakfast at Tiffany's Style with Tiffany Blue table and Fiestaware Tea Cup and Vintage Yellow Telephone
Underwater Senior in Pink Tulle by RENEE STENGEL Photography | Charlotte Underwater and Portrait Photographer |

After you scroll through the rest of Bayleigh’s photos – I would love to share a post from my friend Cristy. She is a fellow member of our 7 on 7 Blog Circle and has some awesome tips this month on editing your photos from your phone!!

And for those of you who are new. First, welcome, and second, today is the 7th of August.  And that means it is Blog Circle Day! The Day where 7 photographers share 7 photos (ish 😉 and we each link to the next.  A chance for you to explore 7 very different styles from around the country and see our adventures in travel, creativity, motherhood, artistry, and business. 

RENEE STENGEL Photography | Charlotte Underwater and Portrait Photographer |
NAPCP Top 100 INSPIRED Featured Artist Renee Stengel Photography Charlotte Underwater Photographer
It was quite the honor to have three Underwater Images, including this image one from Bayleigh’s Senior Underwater Session, chosen as part of the TOP 100 Images for the NAPCP Gallery Event in Atlanta in July.
NAPCP INSPIRED Magazine Feature Article "Let's Dive In! Underwater Introduction and Inspiration" by Renee Stengel Photography, Award Winning Underwater Photographer
Underwater Magic – NAPCP chose one of my favorite images of Bayleigh for a full page photo in my article on Underwater Photography in the July Issue of Inspired

Thank you RCB Fashion for creating this gorgeous skirt. Bayleigh’s suit is from J.Crew and was the perfect underwater top for this skirt!


  1. Jen Vazquez says:

    You are doing amazing things Renee – Congratulations!! My baby is starting his senior year. Wish you were in Cali!! *Jen

    • Renee Stengel says:

      Thank you so much Jen! I missed my California trip this summer!! The boys and I will be out for Thanksgiving though 🙂

  2. Kris says:

    Stunning as always! I want to be the first to sign up when you do a workshop.