Glowing Mamas to Be

Is there anything more beautiful than a glowing Mama to be? The joy. The Anticipation. All of the wonder of new life growing inside… Capturing Underwater Maternity Photos has quickly become one of my favorite types of Underwater Photography Sessions!

Underwater Maternity Tropical Mama Relaxing Poolside
Underwater Maternity Couple in Flowing Pink Dress with Bare Belly

Favorite Underwater Maternity Photos

I have shared many of these photos along the way, but as we enter the First Official Week of Summer, I thought I would share a round up of some of my Favorites from the past year.

Underwater Maternity Fiery Red Dress in Deep End against Black Background

Mamas in fiery red, spicy pink polka dots, tropical blues, the Florida Springs, on a black backdrop sunk in the pool, swimming deep in the natural springs with her sweet little 18 month old, or a Mama relaxing gracefully poolside. Every session is different, every Mama is unique, and every time I photograph an expecting Mother my heart soars.

Underwater Maternity Belly with Bubbles Tropical Blue Charlotte NC Underwater

Let’s Get Mama in the Water

I recommend Mamas book their session as early as possible to make sure they can secure a spot on my schedule. But, the truth is, I am kind of a push over. And I will do my best to try to find a spot to squeeze a Mama to be in if she wants to capture her pregnancy with Underwater Maternity Photos. She might have to wait a bit longer to get her images back if she waits longer to book, but I always want to make sure we can get those images captured – even if the editing has to wait a while!

Underwater Maternity on steps with pink and purple tones

Let go and breathe…

I like to photograph expecting Mothers between 24 and 36 weeks, but I have worked with a Mama as late as 39 weeks! (that’s a bit late Mamas! please, call me sooner!! 😉 It is amazing how comfortable most women are in the water while they are pregnant. The water just seems to lift the weight of baby and allow them to relax and let go. I know how much I loved being in the water with each of my three pregnancies, and it makes my heart happy to see these women experience that same sense of joy as they enter my pool…

Underwater Maternity Belly with Bubbles Tropical Blue
Charlotte Underwater Maternity hot pink swimsuit and tropical light blue pool

Every Mama is Unique

It is also amazing to me to see how beautifully unique each woman is in their pregnancies. When I chose to have Maternity Photos taken during my third pregnancy it was a bit of a struggle for me to splurge on myself in that way. To spend that time focusing on just myself and baby. Oh. Was it worth it? Absolutely YES! I truly love those photos and am so very thankful to have them, to look at them and know that my now nearly four year old, wild, crazy, full of life toddler was just a tiny peanut growing in my belly when they were taken. They are such a precious gift and I look at them and want to give that gift to the women I meet as well.

Underwater Maternity hot pink swimsuit and fine art black background

I look through these sessions from the last year and it brings me such joy to feature all of these different Mamas and how each one chose to celebrate their growing bellies, the new life inside of them. I was so honored as several of them shared their stories with me during our sessions and since. And the greatest gift? I have even photographed two of their sweet babies!

Underwater Maternity Mama with Toddler girl swimming Under the water in Florida's Ginnie Springs

If you or someone you love is expecting a sweet little one, I would be honored to capture Underwater Maternity Photos for you. You can Contact Me here to connect!

Underwater Maternity Hot Mama in Pink Polka Dot Bikini and Hot Pink Heels

I hope to meet you and your little one oh so soon…

RENEE STENGEL Photography | Charlotte Underwater and Portrait Photographer |

I work in my Charlotte Underwater Home Studio from April through October, and I have an Indoor Pool available from November to March for Underwater Maternity Sessions.

Underwater Maternity Tropical Blue
Underwater Maternity Fine Art Black and White



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