So I got on a plane.  By myself.

So I got on a plane.  By myself.   The perfect start to my Charleston Girls Weekend.

Two of my very favorite photography magazines, a novel, a wonderful biography about a girl who has given up college in the US to live and work in Uganda and adopt 14 children, and hours and hours of photography education video from Creative Live and Rachel Vanoven on my laptop.  Um, how could this weekend possibly go wrong when it started so right 🙂

And then it got better…

And then it just kept getting better!  After being a stay at home mom for six years it was time for a Charleston girls weekend… I have gotten away a couple times with my husband and twice for photography workshops, but this was a little different.  Just me and a wonderful girlfriend in a beautiful city with a weekend to do whatever we wanted.  We had a few plans, but no schedule, no agenda, just a weekend to spend together and relax….

See you in Charleston!

Ani and I have been chatting about this trip for two years!  TWO YEARS!  And just when we planned it the first time, I went and fell down the stairs and all things got put on hold.  So when we started talking about moving to Kansas this spring we said, ok, now we have to plan it for sure.  So we timed it for a few months after my move so we didn’t really have to say goodbye this summer, just, see you in Charleston!

Charleston Food

Oh what a weekend we had!  First, the food.  Oh.My.  We certainly ate our way through some mighty fine establishments.  Combine southern and seafood ~ and it was like a match made in heaven.  And for two busy Mamas, three nice dinners in a row, well, that is rather unheard of 😉

But before we really even got started, we got to start our first morning off with brunch with the Oh So Fabulous Becky of Becky Williamson Photography and her absolutely adorable twin little ones.  She and I had connected because we have each attended workshops taught by Rachel Vanoven Photography, and it was an absolute blast to meet up in person.  We *tried* not to talk photography too too much, for Ani’s sake, but I don’t think we did a very good job 😉

Cooking Class!

We took a very fun cooking class at Charleston Cooks! and I even tackled learning how to make a flaky pie crust ~ Yum!  I can’t wait to try that again (and neither can my family!!).  We made a Low Country Thanksgiving Dinner – from Brie and Cranberry Chutney Tarts to Gingerbread and Pumpkin Custard Truffles.  And yes, there was bacon, and butter, lots and lots of butter.

A really fun excursion was the carriage ride around the old historic area.  Then we toured two “Living Museums” ~ homes that are open for tours, but where people still live in the homes.  We walked all over the city and wondered around so many lovely shops.  Ani had done a fantastic job of researching all these little dessert spots and coffee shops.  And let’s just say we hit quite a few and we were quite happy.

Let’s work on that Fashion, shall we darling?

And at some point along the way my dear friend realized that I may not have the best fashion sense in the world ~ whereas she is always dressed so beautifully!!  Somehow she made it her mission to give me a mini make-over.  It was fantastic!  In just a few hours and with a just a few new pieces I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe ~ and a much better idea of how to style my sessions for clients.  I was amazed at how such subtle little things could make such big impacts.  But she honestly made me excited about fashion ~ something I haven’t been able to say in a while!

Thank you Dear Stranger!

And I have to say thank you to the dear man who offered to take our photo on one of our house tours.  I, of course, was photographing this gorgeous wall to use as “stock” texture images ~ because what else would one do when waiting for a tour but photograph gorgeous old brick walls 😉 The sweet man thought I was trying to take photos of Ani and offered to take one of both of us.  I don’t usually hand my camera over. And I *may* have casually slipped the camera strap around his neck. Much to Ani’s amusement 😉 But I was so glad he offered!  I set up the shot and handed it over. And I think he did a great job for us!

Now, where to go next year??  Any suggestions??? I will be honest. It is going to be hard to top this Charleston Girls Weekend – but I am definitely ready to try!!


PS Edited to add: Can you believe it took me moving AGAIN to get back to Charleston!! Once we arrived in North Carolina, I was excited to get down to Charleston as quickly as possible! This Charleston Creative Weekend was the perfect chance!




Girls Weekend to Charleston SC 2013


  1. Becky says:

    LOVE these captures of your trip! So glad I finally got to meet you in person!