Happy Day After Halloween!  I hope you and your little ones had a wonderful time celebrating one of the cutest holidays of the year!  I know, I know, it is supposed to be spooky and scary and gory and all that – but I love the cute and fun and adorable side of it far too much (big surprise huh?!?).

And oh the fun we had this year!  The boys got full use of their costumes this round – so much so that they started to get tired of them and each pulled out a second costume for at least one of our events.  We dressed up for Soccer, Tennis, Trunk or Treat, class parties and then the big day itself.  So Jonah was a Pirate (the Captain Mama, not the Matey!) for most of his events.  But for the Tennis party he decided he wanted to be a skeleton like his big brother.  Now, I told him I would not buy a second costume but he could wear his skeleton pjs ~ that happen to glow in the dark ~ and he thought that was a good deal.  Add a black and white super hero mask from the dress up bin and some skeleton gloves from Target we had just bought for winter ~ and we were set!  Mr. Bones and Mr. Little Bones were a huge hit at the party.

Then we get to Halloween night – we are literally putting on the costumes, and Benjamin decides he wants to be Batman ~ not a skeleton anymore.  Um, ok, let me see what I can do…. Five minutes later I have pulled together a new costume ~ again, gotta love the dress up bin!  And we were off!

We have been loving our new neighborhood from the time we moved in this summer.  But wow, did our neighbors win us over last night!  One of the wonderful families hosted a bunch of families with little ones and we met there for dinner and then out for trick or treating ~ what a storm our little ones were!  Everyone was so welcoming and inviting, so much kindness.  We are feeling very blessed indeed…




I even busted out my not so crafty side, hit my Pinterest board of favorite holiday treats, and “made” little frosted ghost cookies ~ how fun are these?!?




  1. Bernice says:

    Love!!!! all the pictures:) Those boys look like they had the best Halloween ever!!!