Our Sweet Boy…

Oh our sweet baby Jacob ~ our most precious gift we didn’t know we needed!  My third baby boy celebrated his big happy birthday yesterday.  THREE!  Oh how this tiny six pound peanut wrapped feels like a lifetime away.  Yet, these three years feel like they have passed in a blink…

Meandering down Memory Lane

As I looked back through his baby photos (as I often do around my boy’s birthdays), I realized I had never posted his Newborn Session on my blog.

Baby Boy # Three

Welcoming our third boy into our life brought just a bit of adjustment 😉  And that time *may* be a bit of a blur… But I did love spending time with our sweet Jacob and taking many many photos of him as he grew.  They didn’t always get edited right away, but I loved spending that time with him doing something that I loved and knew I would cherish for a lifetime.  I was also able to capture a few photos from the hospital bed for a mini-Fresh 48 Session for him, and I treasure those for their documentary style and the moments captured of my big boys welcoming their “new baby”

In Honor of his Birthday Weekend, I decided I would share a few of my favorites.  These are the ones I have framed in his room and in our home and that I just love to look at and think back to his itty bitty peanut self.

Give me allll the Freshies

I have spent so much of my summer in the pool ~ and of course that is how my little fishy wanted to celebrate his big day yesterday, cupcakes and swimming!  And I have loved every minute of it.  But oh how I am itching to get my hands on some sweet fresh little ones.  There is nothing in the world quite like snuggling a sweet little baby in their first days ~ or hours!  And now that my in-home studio is set up for fall I can’t wait to get those babies in here again!

Would you Trade?

What do you think of when you look back at the tiny baby stage?  So often I hear “Thankful I survived!” (an absolutely valid sentiment!  And one I am quite certain I will feel once I get three boys through Middle and High School!!!).

Or are you closer to my camp ~ there were difficult days of course, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.  Even with Jacob’s terrible reflux and my extreme lack of sleep for the first eight months ~ there is just nothing like those long nights where your only job is to hold and snuggle and tiny little one.

One of my favorite things about newborn sessions is being able to welcome parents in, let them sit and put their feet up, and just take over.  Because I adore being in charge of that tiny creature for a few hours, getting to learn how they like to be settled and what makes them happy, being able to comfort them and give Mom and Dad a little break so they can go home refreshed and truly enjoy that snuggling once again…

Oh the Snuggles…

Oh my, can you tell I have no more babies to snuggle?!?  And that my third just had a birthday!  I am wondering down a path today…

I hope you have a beautiful day and a blessed week!  As always, please let me know if I can do anything to put your mind at ease or answer any questions about professional photography or my studio in particular.

Much Love,

RENEE STENGEL Photography | Charlotte Portrait and Underwater Photographer |


Newborn Boy posed with Head on Hands by RENEE STENGEL Photography | Charlotte Portrait and Underwater Photographer

Newborn toes swaddled in blue by RENEE STENGEL Photography | Charlotte Portrait and Underwater PhotographerNewborn boy in blue with brothers by RENEE STENGEL Photography | Charlotte Portrait and Underwater Photographer
Newborn Nautical Baby Announcement for Jacob with Navy and Gold Anchor from Jamie Schultz Designs ~ Welcomed with Love photographed by RENEE STENGEL Photography | Charlotte Portrait and Underwater Photographer |

Newborn boy swaddled in blue by RENEE STENGEL Photography | Charlotte Portrait and Underwater PhotographerNewborn in Heart Swaddle and Hat in Black and White on Cream by RENEE STENGEL Photography | Charlotte Portrait and Underwater Photographer

How adorable is this heart covered swaddle and hat from House of Mia?!?  I ordered it special to take to the hospital for his Fresh 48 Style photos.  I just loved using it in the hospital and after we got home!!  They have so many fun designs and options ~ I love their little legging pants for sitters!!

Thank you Jamie Schultz Designs for the gorgeous design elements I used to create Jacob’s Birth Announcement.  Her work is always amazing and she is one of my favorite designers to work with.  I loved matching the nautical theme of his nursery to the Announcement.

One of my favorite things about working with newborns is creating one of kind Baby Announcements and printing on gorgeous card stock with custom return address labels and colored envelopes to match ~ just like I do for all of my Christmas Cards each year.

It’s the one time we get to really make a statement for our little one announcing their arrival.  I love making it so very special for my clients.  I would love to hear what kind of Announcement you made for your little ones in the comments below!!


  1. Happy Birthday Jacob! These pictures are adorable. All of them.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  2. I absolutely LOVE the picture of his toes! Whenever I see baby’s feet, I think where will those feet carry him to someday, when he is grown. All of my children are grown and I am now a Nana to 10 beautiful grandbabies I am blessed that 6 of them are nearby, and 4 of them are ages two and under. So I have had a ton of “baby cuddling” recently!!

  3. Congrats all your boys are adorable, I also have all boys but only two.

  4. Oh Renee, Jacob is beautiful. What lovely photos to treasure for many many years. Happy 3rd birthday little one <3

  5. Sam says:

    Happy Birthday to Jacob! What a great photo shoot! Thank you for sharing these photos with us!

  6. Jordan Campbell says:

    Truly lovely photography and I really like the graphics put together in the middle of the page. I’ve yet to understand parenthood, but I hear it’s both challenging and rewarding. 😉

  7. Joanna says:

    The photos are so adorable, I especially love the one where he is wrapped in that blue blanket. He looks so peaceful, sleeping. Happy birthday to Jacob!

  8. Autumn says:

    He is adorable! Congratulations! I love the Baby Announcements – so sweet. May all your days be blessed.

    • admin says:

      Thank you Autumn ~ I am a big fan of all things Nautical. His room is Navy, White and Green and I love all the little anchors and whales 🙂

  9. Jacob is such a nice name. Congratulations. Your boys are so adorable.

  10. Happy Birthday, Jacob! Those photos are so adorable. I hope you all had a lovely day celebrating Jacob’s birthday.

  11. AH THESE PHOTOS! They are tugging on my heart. Oh, so sweet! You have such handsome boys!

  12. Lisa says:

    What a beautiful family you have! I think you’re so blessed to have not one, but 3 boys. The photos are really wonderful!

  13. Happy third birthday to Jacob. He is such a cutie. Wish him all the best for his future.

  14. Nati says:

    Awww, how sweet! Congratulations to Jacob on his thirdbirthday! My daughter also turned three a few months ago and I was nostalgic too, I also grabbed her newborn album and wondered when did she grew up so much!!

  15. Congratulations! He’s adorable. And has such distinct features right off the bat. Doesn’t just look like every other baby, you know? Looks like he has his own personality in his face already.

  16. Nikki says:

    Congratulations to you on your new bundle of joy supermom! He’s the cutest.

  17. michele says:

    I absolutely love these! I really wanted to take a photo of my baby when she was just born but it never happened.

  18. Shaily says:

    Wow! The pictures are simply adorable. All your boys looks super cute! I love the touch of perfection in your photography. A very happy Birthday to little Jacob!

  19. Welcome Jacob! You are such an adorable angel. Congrats to you for your third child!

  20. Fibi Drese says:

    Happy birthday to Jacob! Your kids are so adorable. Such a lovely family

  21. Elizabeth O says:

    What adorable photos you took. He is a gorgeous little one. Happy 3rd Birthday Jacob!

  22. Tanya says:

    Aww, so precious! These photos will be the best memories! <3 I dont regret getting my sons done. I love them so much and often look back at them even though hes 10 months old!