So you know how every once in a while I get a little carried away on the blog.  You know, those times when I am supposed to post a “little peek” at a session, but I end up giving the whole thing away.  Yep, this has turned into one of those.  You can’t blame me really.  I got to do this super fun session with these amazing little people (and their stunning Mama!) several weeks ago.  We knew there would be a little delay on these with all of our of family travel, but what we didn’t know was that my poor little hard drive was going to devour itself and fry up as soon as I got home from the beach!  So there went another week. This poor (patient!) Mama has definitely waited long enough for her photos!  Besides, they are just too fun, and it is my blog, so I am going to share as many as I want 😉

I have been photographing these munchkins for quite sometime.  If you frequent my facebook page you may be familiar with the current timeline collage – the image on the far left is of this little princess two years ago.  I know those images are supposed to be current, and the rest are, but I just love that image from her first birthday session so much that I keep using it over and over.

I credit this gorgeous mama with much of my photography success.  We have known each other for over ten years and we have spent many a coffee date at starbucks going over plans and ideas for this studio.  She has been incredibly encouraging and supportive all along the way and I can’t thank her enough for the many years of support.  And then there was the time when my first son was born and I thought that meant I had to take a break from photography and put it all away for a bit. Well, she showed up at my house one day with her own newborn and some blankets and informed me I was taking pictures for his announcement.  She refused to listen to my excuses about rusty skills and, honestly, I still want to go back and hug her on that very day.

We did a little photo shoot for her six week old son – the handsome four year old you see here – and she may have seen it as me doing her a favor.  But the real favor was her kicking me in the behind and reawakening this passion of mine.  I smile when I look at where that one afternoon of photos has taken me.  It pushed me to step out of the “I am a Mama only” role and figure out how to do both.  And now, I have two of the most amazing boys in the world and the privilege of being at home with them full time, but at the same time have figured out how to balance that with creating and running this photography studio, with pursuing this passion and living this dream.  Thank you my friend, thank you for choosing me time and again as your family photographer, and thank you for an oh so fun summer evening – if only we could ride trains, run with giant balloons, roll around and giggle on blankets in the grass and blow bubbles every night…


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  1. Katie says:

    Beautiful pics Renee!!! Love the caboose setting, and what a gorgeous family. 🙂