Memorial Day weekend – what a fantastic Sunday afternoon for a Happy Birthday party. Not just for one little munchkin, but for two sweet kiddos.  Max turned 5 and Lilly 3, both right around the arrival of baby number three – their sweet baby brother Jake – so Mom very wisely waited a few weeks to have a joint celebration.  It was a pretty hot day so the newest family member hid inside most of the time, but what a precious family of five they have become 🙂

And what a fun party we had!  I have had the privelege of watching these two grow quite a bit over the last two years.  My son and Max hit it off big time their very first day of preschool together and have been best buddies since.  So I was thrilled when their Mom asked me photograph the party.  Every detail was perfect – from the darling bento boxes with chicken tenders and carrot sticks for the kiddos on the patio to the moon bounces in the yard to the elaborate candy and sweets table in dining room.  The patriotic theme was perfect for this brother-sister joint celebration and a very good time was had by all!

Could the Birthday Boy and Girl be more Adorable?

Windows Catering did an Amazing job!

How much fun are all of these little guests?!?  I loved meeting all of these darling babies and their beautiful Mamas!




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