I love the C Family!  My hubby knew the Mama long before she was a Mama, our weddings were three weeks apart and we were each involved in the other. Our sons are each less than a year apart and we have had many many Saturday morning play dates.  It is incredibly humbling when good friends hire me to take their family photos.  I am always honored when any family chooses me – I believe choosing your family photographer is a very personal choice.  I am never offended when someone chooses a different photographer over me, there are so many styles, so many personalities. I want each family to choose the photographer who is a great fit for them.  But when someone you know and love chooses to make that investment with you, well, it does feel a little ‘extra’ special 🙂

Oh what fun we had!  Big Brother most definitely got an A+ for the morning.  We met early and it had *just* stopped raining, so the humidy was pretty high, but he was a rock star.  We laughed and played and ran around – we really had a lot of fun!  Now Little Brother, well, he suprised us a bit.  He is one of those super easy going second babies.  Generally a super happy little guy.  We think he thought the ‘park’ was a playground and he had a bit of trouble getting his two year old head around the fact that even though there was all this fun stuff to run around and explore – there was no slide 🙁  Poor little guy.  He was fine – as long as he was on Mama’s hip, uh-oh.  So family pictures were easy, but solo, well, those were tougher.  He did make it a bit more challenging for me, but once I broke out the bubbles it was much easier to get fun shots of him playing and having fun. But hey, I am a family photographer, I must love a challenge, right?!? And did I mention he is the best two year old bubble catcher I have ever seen? Seriously!

And our location?  How fantastic is this spot?!  It is definitely a new favorite for me.  This historic mill was built in the early 1800s and is just beautiful.  My boys love exploring here – and so did the C Family boys.  It even has a secret garden!  It is a bit more expensive to have a session here because the park service charges us to use the facility, but the family and I agreed it was well worth it.  For family sessions I love finding locations that are not only beautiful for photographs, but that offer something fun and unique for the kids to explore.  An old train caboose, a working farm, a fish pond, etc.  It makes the whole experience so much more fun for the whole family – and me!  I am happy when kids want to have their photographs taken again next year, I am not satisfied with just ‘getting through‘ this session.  I think we managed that on this round – Mom finally had to round us all up so she could get to work, we were all happy to stay and play at the end 🙂

Ahh once again, I have failed at the sneak peek…So go ahead and enjoy seeing half of their images.  I have a problem, I will work on it, I promise…

Until next time…

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