So a blog post is supposed to be a peek.  Just a *few* photos to hold you over.  I had trouble this time around….

Let’s start at the beginning.  One of my dearest friends lives all the way out in Seattle, seriously, can’t get much further away and still be in the forty eight contiguous.  But her family is all around northern Virginia, so I have that card, she still comes to see me.

Her grandfather, PopPop, was one of the funniest people I have ever met, I loved him, dearly.  He was 96 this year and just wore out.  We know he is happier now, up there dancing with Nana, but still a tough time for the family as they all came together to celebrate his life and his passing.  This, is what brought my friend and her sweet family to me on Monday.

So while anyone else who called and said they would like to have their two month old portrait session scheduled, well, I probably would say no.  It is a tough age.  You can’t pose them like a newborn – can’t get them into those yummy squishy curled up positions, and they can’t hold their heads up like they would be able to in just a few more weeks, it is just kind of in between…

But there was no hesitation, they were in town and I wasn’t letting them leave without getting my camera on Ms. Elizabeth’s first born! And oh what a morning we had.  Baby Tristin and I bonded rather quickly, I even offered to let Mom and Dad head back to Seattle and leave him with me for a few days, but the silent response told me none of the three of them was liking that idea!

I loved every minute of snuggling and kissing on my best friend’s sweet son, of getting to know her amazing husband, of catching up, laughing and telling stories, remembering good times.  But, truly, the best part, the part that made me cry when they left – and is making me tear up again as I write this now – was how amazing it was to watch Liz and Brian love on their precious son.

They love him so much and are such amazing parents already – I can’t wait to watch them watch him grow up.

Here is Baby Tristin’s first portrait session with me – I expect it to be the first of many…


I just couldn’t stop taking photos of her smiling at her son – it made my heart happy to watch…

Those Cheeks!

Daddy has got some serious Super Power with this Little One!  He knew all the tricks – and got all the best smiles too!!

I love how much he loves him…

One special little family…


  1. Kim says:

    LOVE the photos, Renee. Truly just amazing shots. Course, I really love the chance to get a peek at Liz and Brian with Tristin. Miss you all.

  2. LeeAnne F. Geiger says:

    Amazing creative, loving work. Of course the subject is Nana’s favorite subject! Baby Tristin and his fabulous parents.
    Thanks Renee for a beautiful photo shoot. Lee Anne,Mom,Nana

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